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Build Your Own

By The Piece

Choose Broasted, Venetian, Baked or BBQ
Chicken Mixed Parts $1.15/ea.
Chicken Prime Parts $1.35/ea. (no wings)
Breasts Only $2.25/ea.
Thighs or Legs $1.20/ea.
Wings/Hot/Barbecue $.79/ea. (whole wings)
Wing Dings/Hot Wing Dings 1 lb.
Flavored Wings & Drummies
Chicken Tenders 1 lb. $5.49
Stuffed Chicken Breasts 8 oz.
Stuffed Chicken Breasts 4 oz.
Marinated Boneless/Skinless 8 oz. $4.59/ea.*
Chicken Parmagiana 8 oz. $4.99/ea.*

*Smaller portions available in the above 3 selections.

Whole Chickens $9.95/ea. (cut in quarters)
Stuffed Cabbage $1.65/ea.
Stuffed Peppers $2.99/ea.

By The Pound

Meatballs in Tomato Sauce $5.49/lb.
Hot Sausage in Peppers & Onions $5.69/lb.
Keilbassi & Kraut $5.49/lb.
Ham Barbecue $4.99/lb.
Beef Tips in Onions & Mushrooms $6.79/lb.
Roast Sirloins of Beef (light gravy) $6.79/lb.
Roast Turkey Breast $6.59/lb.
Baked Virginia Ham $6.29/lb.
Country Style Barbecued Ribs $5.49/lb.
Fish Fried or Baked $10.99/lb.
Barbecued Pulled Pork $6.49/lb.
Pork Shoulder or BBQ Pig $5.29/lb.
Lamb (Current Market Value)  

Pig, Lamb, and Chickens may be Roasted on site! ($75.00 on site grilling fee per meat)

Free Delivery on all orders totaling $200.00 or more. All other local deliveries $20.00.
Want something you don't see? Ask for a special request item price quote.


Potato, Macaroni or Coleslaw $2.49lb.
Tossed Garden w/dressing $1.25/portion
Italian Garden Antipasto w/dressing $2.59/portion
Marinated Pasta or Linguini $4.49/lb.
Marinated Tortellini $6.39/lb.
Italian Potato Salad $5.49/lb.
Italian Tomato Salad $5.49/lb.
German Potato Salad $5.49/lb.
Three Bean Salad $5.09/lb.
Ambrosia Salad $5.39/lb.
Jell-o Parfait $5.29/lb.
Fresh Fruit Salad $29.95/gal.

Party Trays

Small serves 10-15, Medium 20-30, Large 30-45, Extra Large 60-75

Regular: Baked Ham, Hard Salami & Cheeses Sm. $30.95, Med. $45.95, Lg. $51.95, Ex. $75.00
Deluxe: Ham, Salami, Turkey, Roast Beef & Cheeses Sm. $38.95, Med. $51.95, Lg. $58.95, Ex. $85.00
Italian : Ham, Genoa Salami, Capicola, Provolone Sm. $40.95, Med. $55.95, Lg. $65.95, Ex. $95.00
Lettuce & Tomato Sm. $19.00, Med. $24.00, Lg. $27.00
Relish Tray Sm. $25.95, Med. $35.95, Lg. $44.95
Fresh Vegetables w/Ranch Dip Sm. $29.95, Med. $42.95, Lg. $50.95
Assorted Cheese & Pepperoni Sm. $32.95, Med. $49.95, Lg. $56.95
Fresh Fruit Tray with dip (In Season) Large Only $69.00

Bread and Rolls

Hard Rolls or Sandwich Buns $4.39/doz.
Bread: Italian $3.29/loaf
Bread: Wheat or Rye $4.99/loaf
Dinner Rolls $4.69/doz.
Butter Pats $1.25/doz.

Hot Side Dishes

Potatoes Full serves 25-30-Half serves 15-20  
Oven Roasted Redskins Full: 40.00. Half: $24.00
Parslied White Potatoes Full: $38.00 Half: $23.00
Deep Fried Wedges Full: $38.00 Half: $23.00
Scalloped or Au Gratin Full: $38.00 Half: $21.00
Mashed Potatoes Full: $37.00 Half: $23.00
Gravy $3.99/quart (recommend 2 qts./full pan)
Cheddar Cheesy Potatoes Full: $40.00 Half: $43.00
Broccoli & Rice Full: $38.00 Half: $23.00
Pieroghi Casserole Full: $38.00 Half: $23.00
Pieroghi/ Butter & Onion Full: $38.00 Half: $23.00
Cabbage & Noodles Full: $38.00 Half: $23.00
Buttered Rice or Noodles Full: $35.00 Half: $20.00
Chicken Rice or Pilaf Full: $38.00 Half: $23.00
Plain Beans Full: $32.00 Half: $17.00
Almondine or Mushroom Full: $34.00 Half: $19.00
French Onion Full: $34.00 Half: $19.00
Italian Style Beans Full: $36.00 Half: $21.00
Baked Beans Full: $36.00 Half: $21.00
Western Style Beans Full: $43.00 Half: $28.00
Mixed Vegetables Full: $36.00 Half: $21.00
Corn/Peas/Peas&Carrots Full: $36.00 Half: $21.00
Winterblend Casserole Full: $48.00 Half: $30.00

Steamed Winter Medley

Key Biscayne Medley

Full: $45.00 Half: $27.00

Full : $45.00 Half: $27.00

Glazed Carrots

Full: $45.00 Half: $27.00

Baked Pineapple Full: $39.00 Half: $24.00

Specialty Sandwiches

Hoagie Rings Traditional: $30.00, Deluxe: $40.00, Italian: $45.00
6 Foot Hero Traditional:  $50.00:Deluxe: $60.00  Italian: $65.00, Italian
3 Foot Hero Traditional:$30.00 , Deluxe: $45.00, Italian: $50.00
Assorted Tea Sandwiches $1.25 each or $60.00/tray (4 doz.)
Croissants: 1 oz.: $2.50/ea. 3oz.: $4.79/ea.

*Filliings: Ham & American, Turkey & Swiss , Beef & Cheddar or Tuna Salad, Chicken Salad, Ham Salad, & Egg Salad

Soups & Stews

Soup/Quart: $6.49/quart (Wedding, Vegtable, Chicken Noodle, Broccoli & Cheese, Stuffed Pepper)
Chili or Stew: $9.99/quart

Appetizers/Hors d'oeuvre Specialties

Stuffed Mushrooms Bread: $1.29, Crab: $1.59/ea.
Rye Loaf with Dip $36.00
Veggie Pizza $36.00
Shrimp Cocktail $26.95/lb. (25-31 count)

CLICK HERE for a complete hors d'oeuvre listing!


Decorated Party Cakes Full Sheet: $75.00 (serves 60), Half Sheet: $50.00 (serves 30)
Banana, Chocolate or Carrot $35.00 (serve 20)
Mandarin Orange or Black Forest $38.00
Cheesecake $35.00 (serves 16)
Toppings Strawberry or Cherry $10.00
Flavored Cheesecakes or Tiramisu $45.00
Sheet Pies: Cherry, Apple, Peach, Pumpkin Full Sheet: $60.00, Half Sheet: $35.00
9 inch Fruit or Cream Pie $10.99
Hot Apple Dumplings $3.50
Brownies/Tray $35.00
Pumpkin or Nut Roll $9.00/ea.
Cookies Plain: $6.25/doz, Filled: $7.25/doz


Soft Drink (cans)
Bottled Water
Fruit Punch, Lemonade or Iced Tea $5.99/gal.
Fruit Punch, Lemonade or Iced Tea 8oz. $.80ea.
Fruit Punch, Lemonade, or Teas 16 oz. $1.59/ea.
Brewed Iced Tea/Sweetner/Lemon $5.99/gal.
Coffee or Tea (*Includes cup, cream/sugar) $1.25

Forget Me Nots

Potato Chips $5.99/lg. bag, $.70/vending
Pretzels $4.99/lg. bag, $.70/vending
Disposable Tableware $.65/set
Acrylic Dinnerware & Reflectionware $3.00/set
Disposable Serving Utensils $1.89/ea.
Disposable Salt & Pepper $3.00/set
Ice $1.79/bag
Sterno Set Up $10.00 (2 hour), $11.00 (5 hour)
Disposable Pans $2.00/ea.
Chafing Fuel
Disposable Take Out Containers
$2.50/ea. (2 hour), $3.00 (5 hour)


Full Pan - Serves 50     Half Pan - Serves 25

Penne, Ziti, Bow Ties, Lingini

Tomato or Marinara:  Full:  40.00 Half: $25.00

Meatsauce or Alfredo: Full: $50.00 Half:  35.00

Oil & Broccoli or Mini Meatball: Full: $45.00 Half:  30.00

Sauce/Quart: Tomato or Marinara 4.49 Meat or Alfredo $5.09

Full Pan Serves 24 - Half Pan Serves 12

Macaroni & Cheese Full: $35.00 Half: $20.00

Meatless Lasagne Full: $40.00 Half $24.00

Lasagne with Meat Full: 50.00 Half:  $28.00

Cheese Stuffed Shells Full: $48.00 Half:  $25.00

Cheese Stuffed Manicotti: Full $48.00 Half: $25.00

Cheese Stuffed Ravioli:  Full: $48.00 Half: $25.00

Meat Stuffed Ravioli: Full $50.00  Half:  28.00

Meat Shells or Manicotti:  Full:  48.00 Half: 25.00

Eggplant Parmagiana:  Full:  $50.00   Half:$28.00

Stuffed Hot Peppers:  Full: $50.00 Half:  $28.00

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